We value the love of God and the love of neighbor, stranger, and enemy as the greatest commandments given to us by Jesus Christ.

We value authentic relationships between people, and strive for inclusion of all people into the life and work of the community.

We value the Christian message of reconciliation, that through Jesus we may be restored into relationship with God, self, others, and Creation. God’s work of reconciliation is both a gift and a calling to be a community of reconciliation, across lines of class, race, gender, and social divisions.

We value the just distribution of resources that occurs when relationships are built across class lines, and when communities’ resources are reinvested within themselves.

We value the incarnational ministry of relocation. By relocating, a person will understand most clearly the real problems facing the poor, and then may begin to look for real solutions. Relocation transforms “you, them, and theirs” to “we, us, and ours.”

We value the process of transformation as the renewing, re-creating, healing, and restorative work of God in Christ and through his Church for individuals, families, communities, and ultimately all of Creation.

We value freedom from poverty, freedom from affluence, freedom from oppression, freedom from the crippling consequences of individual and social sin, and the freedom of restored relationship with God in Christ.

We value the diversity of differing economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and the beauty of expression such diversity brings to our community.

Partnerships & Collaboration
We value partnering with others across lines of faith when doing so furthers our ability to serve the community in accordance with our mission.

Justice and Peacemaking
We value justice and seek to participate in God’s plan to right wrongs and bring peace to God’s world.


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